This is what you couldn’t hear me mumbling into my hands when I hung up the phone on your birthday: "you’re the one I want to go grocery shopping with on sundays." When I text you, I swear, the sweat pouring out of my heart is so strong it can fuel a car. So strong that it can light a whole row of streetlamps. Use them to find your way to me. Do you ever hear what I’m saying? I’m standing in front of you, I’m waiting for the right moment. I want to say "I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good for someone".

But I’m scratching my head, I’m sighing, I’m waiting for the sun to be exactly on the brink of falling so it’ll be romantic. everytime you touch me, i’m on the brink of something I can’t understand. When I open my mouth, I hear a voice that’s your voice and you’re saying you love me and I’m looking up at the sun and it’s on the brink of falling but the sun doesn’t care if I love you and romance doesn’t care if I love you and the right moment will never be a moment. So I take in a breath. I try not to look regret in the eyes. You are the moment I’ve always been looking for.
Salma Deera, Waiting
(via writingwillows)